Definition Of “Working Hard” Or “Grinding” For Team Members

From the wisdom of Wendy Day

Wendy Day

By, Wendy Day ( is my Blog)

This is for the artist’s team to read!

To gain a fan of your artist’s music, either they will like the music or the artist. Some fans are attracted because they feel they have something in common, some fans like who the artist is, what they stand for, or how they think, and some fans simply feel the music. Many fans will just jump on the fan bandwagon because someone they like and/or respect likes your artist. Hell, maybe your artist did an interview that reached somebody, or maybe he or she was kind to them on the street. Who knows. The point is, your artist needs to reach people wherever they are so that the potential fans take notice. It’s up to them to like the artist or not.

You can’t control them liking your artist, just like you can’t force…

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