I’m obsessed with money I can’t help it.

I always knew I needed money, but I never fell in love with money. I’ve always been a romantic about life, a dreamer constantly seeking the divergent path to avoid the zombie masses. A sleepy fighter who never entered the ring, with dreams of seeing the belt but without actually getting into a fight.

I don’t know if it’s dreams deferred or broken dreams syndrome, or aging. This year I turn 34. Thirty-four….3-4. I do not know when this happened, but I have more obligations and responsibilities than plans. I have more work to do than I have hands(I’m a songwriter can’t help but rhyme). I don’t have children, but I have nephews and a niece now….My parents are aging. I returned to school after several attempts at business and other endeavors. I lost my job over nothing.

Things start coming into your eyesight. For some reason, money is the cause of my despair and exhilaration. I also worked as a cab driver for 2 years. There were few thrills better than having money fall in your hands. It’s a wonderful feeling. I want need that feeling of growing money and prosperity. Not only for me, but the progeny of my siblings(nieces and nephews).

I got money on my mind.

I still freelance at my website as well, I’m trying to get into Bitcoin/cryptocurrency. But I wonder the need/value of my services in a day of Wix/Weebly/Squarespace/Godaddy web builders.

But if you are interested in web design services I am at Blue Balled Media.

I also want to  start my online sports magazine at Blue Balled Sports Mag

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