U MAD at Macklemore Bro?

A lot of people are mad at this guy Macklemore. I suspect Scarface is pretty upset see why here: Scarface is anti-old-Jewish-man-but-upset-about-racism. Regardless of what you think of him, I’m not angry or surprised by Macklemore winning 4 grammys. But I think Kendrick should have won at least best rap album of the ones nominated. But I think <strong>The Roots </strong> Undun was better then <strong>The Heist and GKMC</strong>. I also think Run the Jewels by El-P and Killer Mike was better than The Heist, and Kendrick’s album. The Grammy’s contrary to popular belief is an award show based on popularity and music quality. It’s not one or the other. Every category during the ceremony includes at least one artist with commercial success.