Take YOUR Chances

I will take my chances. Even though they’ve almost killed me. I have no choice. It’s ridiculous until you take and make your shot. Seth Godin said nobody get’s talker’s block but many people get writer’s block. Don’t be afraid to write as you speak. And act as you dream!!!!

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Power of Story Telling (49ers vs Seahawks)



Patrick Willis story

“Power isn’t about just going forward. It’s about not letting anything hold you back. You find that in yourself, and you can go anywhere you want.”

Russell Wilson story

“My dad always told me three P’s. Persevere Perspective and Purpose”

Derrick Coleman story

“I’ve been deaf since I was 3 so I never listened to them” them being the coaches, the NFL Draft.

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I’m watching Dexter on Netflix when I take a break from writing and recording, and I’m just so overwhelmed with feelings. Sadness, disgust, anger, confusion, shock. Why am I so attached? I guess because that’s how the writer’s wanted it. But, hot damn, I can’t believe it. The fact that she shared the same perverse and graphic fate of Trinity’s other victims, makes me really irritated and frustrated lol. Over a TV show character. It’s just so unexpected and tragic. If the writer’s wanted a reaction, they got one lol. Peace.

It’s sad how so many people suffer in silence


photography by Georges Biard

I was first enamored with Phillips craft when I saw the movie New York Synecdoche. It was an emotionally compelling movie detailing the journey of a director (played by Phillip Seymour)battling life’s travails and living in an existential crisis. The movie was so dark and depressing I never watched the film again. But the movie itself wasn’t a “bad movie.” It made me feel something-see something I never wanted to see in myself again. I think this is why deep down I admire actors and actresses who can throw themselves into roles reflecting on the bleaker aspects of the human condition. But as I heard Michelle Williams(another tremendous thespian who is no stranger to such harsh displays of life) say in an interview with NPR: to paraphrase “These roles can take a lot out of you.”

See some snippets of his Phillip Seymour Hoffman Highlight

Snow Storm brings Armgaeddon in Atlanta

Snow Storm brings Armgaeddon in Atlanta

It was baaad people. Granted Georgia isn’t as prepared as other places that receive a lot of snow. I’ve seen bad snow days before, but I’ve never driven in it. I was expecting the inclement weather on Wednesday(so did most of Metro ATL) not this early. It was terrible. Did I say it was horrific. People(including school children) are still stuck in the bad weather right now and the snow didn’t start till 11:00AM 1/27/2014 and it’s now 1:09AM 1/28/2014 EASTERN