Gravity (Cover) with a poem ‘Thank you Music’

Not a poet but I was inspired to write this for some reason

Thank you music

Thank you for your flirtations and seduction

Thank you for your warmth and destruction

Thank you

Thank you for rejection and frustrations

Thank you for making me look like a bum and eternal idealist

Thank you


Socrates: still making people crazy after all these years

This was a very interesting take on a very essential and interesting event in human history. I didn’t even think of the similarities between MLK and Socrates. Thank you.

e g r e g o r e s

“Theorists have not been at a loss to explain; but they differ.”
Aleister Crowley, Book Four, Part One

Liberal philosopher Karl Popper (1902-1994) portrayed Plato as possibly the world’s first fascist, and one often hears people (who have probably never read a single word written by Popper, nor even know his name) mindlessly repeating something similar. Plato also has his defenders, including even Marxists, like Sean Sayers, as well as non-Marxists like Leo Strauss (1899-1973) and his followers (yes – the people who brought us Neoconservatism and the invasion of Iraq).

Socrates, however, continues to stir even more controversy and disagreement than his most famous student – although it is easier to find actual detractors of Plato than of his teacher. Popper, even while condemning Plato as a totalitarian, lauded Socrates as a friend of democracy. Nietzsche had imagined Socrates to be his own “greatest, and closest, philosophical rival”…

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Fuck you! And here are some tits…

After you oogle the selfie there is more to the story. Offer some words of encouragement and possibly support the book project.

It's not my fault.

I’m starting this off with a picture of my tits to encourage you to read this crap even though they have absolutely nothing to do with this post.


(Last time I tried this I scored a paid ad, and frankly I could use a little cash!) 

The year that followed…

One of the biggest pieces of advice one is given after the newly conscious recognition of a narcissist/sociopath is to not run out and expose them. The main reason for this advice, is that nobody believes you and you just make yourself out to look like the crazy one.  Until somebody has actually encountered one and come to this realization all on their own it’s pointless.

It’s been a year now since my grandfather died and my kids and I were left homeless by the narcissistic abuse of the woman monster who birthed me. I wish I could tell you…

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I almost died last night

I’ve been stressed and unkempt, tired, and just sleep-deprived. So after drinking 3 cups of coffee, and an energy drink I predictably started feeling light-headed. I figured I didn’t eat anything in the day, so I walked to the kitchen to get some food. I even felt a little nervous about walking up the stairs so I thought about asking my brother to make me a sandwich.  But he was studying so I just started walking up the stairs to get my own food. Then I started having trouble breathing and my heart started pounding in my chest. I felt like I couldn’t stand. I wanted to lie down, because my heart was thumping out of my chest. This is when I told my brother, “I think I’m in trouble.” I ate a banana and tried to rest it out, but I couldn’t tough it out. I had my bro call 911. When the EMT came they measured my Pulse as 142, and my Blood Pressure as 189/125 laying down. My hands were numb and prickly, my ears were warm and prickly too. I started feeling a warmth Then sitting up, my blood pressure was measured as 197/126. My Respiration was 20 when the normal range is 12-20. I could hardly speak. I couldn’t complete sentences I had trouble keeping my eyes open, I thought I was going to die. So all I was thinking about was my family’s mourning process. What life be for them when I’m dead and gone? I also thought about all the songs I recorded that wouldn’t see the light of day. It almost happened, if it wasn’t for the oxygen and pill….My light would’ve faded without a whisper. I remember wanting my brother and sister to keep away so they didn’t see me with tubes and oxygen in me and possibly see me die. I was having trouble seeing so I closed my eyes and just kinda waited for my blood pressure to go down or for my death to come. It’s a surreal experience to feel your death is going to come shortly. I didn’t feel sad, or angry, I just imagined my family at my funeral and the life I had on this earth. I was pretty much ready.






I’m watching Dexter on Netflix when I take a break from writing and recording, and I’m just so overwhelmed with feelings. Sadness, disgust, anger, confusion, shock. Why am I so attached? I guess because that’s how the writer’s wanted it. But, hot damn, I can’t believe it. The fact that she shared the same perverse and graphic fate of Trinity’s other victims, makes me really irritated and frustrated lol. Over a TV show character. It’s just so unexpected and tragic. If the writer’s wanted a reaction, they got one lol. Peace.

The Most Important Question in the Music Business

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Today, Hungry Artiz, I am going to do something a little different. I am going to ask you to help me write this. Don’t worry. I am not going to ask you to submit anything or expose yourself to any type of criticism. I am just going to ask you to answer one question for me: What do you think is the most important question you should ask when trying to get into the music business?

Instead of giving it a “minute to sink in” as I often do in these pieces, I am going to ask you to stop reading now. Close your web browser, and really stop and think about this question before you keep reading. I am not going anywhere, and neither is this conversation that you are reading. I would really like to see what you think it is.

After you have thought about it, come…

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20 Worst Indie Artist Mistakes

Great advice!

True Talent MGMT's Blog

Wow, this list is so good, I only wish I had written this article:

20 Worst Indie Artist Mistakes

A guest post by Johnny Dwinell of Daredevil Production

In my job, I get to speak with many indie artists who are at different points in their journey. They consistently make these common major mistakes. Changing your approach will change your career. I made this personal to drive the message home.

1. Your Songs Suck – Consumers will instantly click past a crappy song to thousands of online radio stations till they find a good song that really moves them in the first 10-20 seconds. You better have GREAT songs. It’s a CRAFT; it always has been. Treat is as such. You need to seek out a few mentors to teach you what they know about their CRAFT and apply your unique vision and perspective to that knowledge. Easy to…

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