Professionalism: Surviving the DELETE Button

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The other day, I got an email. Because I get many emails daily, I set aside time in my day to open and read them. I usually start with my “Shift/Delete” routine. This is where I look at the preview pane of my Mail App and skim through to see if any of those spammers have gotten creative enough to bypass my filters! What fun, huh? I hold down the Shift key to zap multiple emails from those who have made it their point to let me know that I have been selected for a free trial of their software, Facebook telling me I have been “mentioned” or a forgotten mailing list that I signed up for, but am no longer interested in.

While doing my “Shift/Delete” routine, I usually go immediately to the messages with questionable subject headings. You know the ones: they address you warmly by calling you…

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