It’s sad how so many people suffer in silence


photography by Georges Biard

I was first enamored with Phillips craft when I saw the movie New York Synecdoche. It was an emotionally compelling movie detailing the journey of a director (played by Phillip Seymour)battling life’s travails and living in an existential crisis. The movie was so dark and depressing I never watched the film again. But the movie itself wasn’t a “bad movie.” It made me feel something-see something I never wanted to see in myself again. I think this is why deep down I admire actors and actresses who can throw themselves into roles reflecting on the bleaker aspects of the human condition. But as I heard Michelle Williams(another tremendous thespian who is no stranger to such harsh displays of life) say in an interview with NPR: to paraphrase “These roles can take a lot out of you.”

See some snippets of his Phillip Seymour Hoffman Highlight

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