What is the Purpose of LIFE?

The answer I’ve arrived at is there is more than one purpose to live; there is more than one purpose to life. A purpose is a reason for something to exist or a reason to do something. As humans we develop a purpose for living from our aspirations. The word purpose is something that is supposed to outlive us to be grandiose-we wanna reach the stars. Our purpose for living becomes a duty. The two words were very similar in my mind. I had a duty or pledged a commitment to serve my great purpose. For others their duty is to a god or to religion. My great purpose was to heal the world through my glorious expression. I would be someone who influences people for the better. This purpose swept me off of the earth and consumed me till I couldn’t remember the importance of my physical existence and it’s influence. I neglected other purposes or duties to family to myself to friends, strained relationships, neglected other opportunities to realize this single nebulous goal.

This type of thinking comes from the idea of a single role, or single alias. *Brace for big word* A solipsistic existence. A lack of insight into the idea of a planet that is interconnected.

What is duty? A duty is an obligation to fulfill a responsibility to an entity. That entity can be the medical board if you’re a doctor or nurse, state-regulated licensure if you’re an engineer, or if you are employed you have a duty to perform certain tasks or skills competently. Doctors have a duty to serve people with care and insight. You may also have a duty to your family or to your country/community/spouse etc.

A duty is an obligation to fulfill a responsibility to an entity. If we develop the idea of living dutifully we will see the abundant purpose of each of our lives. We aren’t singular objects. We operate in many roles throughout the day and throughout the course of our lives. When we live life under the ideal of seeking one purpose we neglect our other purposes; we neglect the whole of who we are.

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